LA CAYENA FREE TRADE ZONE in Barranquilla, Colombia is an outstanding project currently under development in accordance with the new Free Trade regimen.

The project, conceived mainly for the construction sector and related areas is intended for Colombian or foreign enterprises in search of an excellent environment for capturing national and international markets. The benefits the park derives from its strategic location within an industrial park run under the special regulations of the new Free Trade Zone regimen make this mission possible.
Tax incentives, the region’s export infrastructure, the quality of the local workforce, service costs and the synergy generated by companies located within the park, make LA CAYENA FREE TRADE ZONE an unbeatable option for companies to access economies that allow them greater competitivity across globalized markets.
LA CAYENA FREE TRADE ZONE is equipped with a complete logistics infrastructure beginning with its liaison with Alfagres S.A. and its ALFA brand, one of the most important manufacturing enterprises in the country. Aside from occupying almost 70% of the park, Alfagres S.A. is currently assembling its new ceramic tile plant with hopes of expanding its entire productive processes and capturing new international markets.
The first and second stages of the project aim to group industrial service and commercial enterprises on an area spread over 1,125,000 square meters.
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